Children’s Ward Garden Project

The Children’s Ward garden was in a sad state when the Rotary group of Vectis Sunrise took it on as a project in 2015.

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The garden had been reclaimed, designed and planted out by staff from Children’s Ward in 2013, using money given to the Ward by family of James Sparks a young man who had recently passed away. His interests were trains, “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”, and being a member of Shanklin brass band. The garden was designed to look like a train journey from the countryside to the seaside, and it was planted out in colours to reflect that theme. Melvyn Hayes opened the garden and the Shanklin band played at the opening.

However, time constraints on nursing and admin staff made it difficult to maintain, therefore everyone was delighted when initially Paul and Sue Denham, long time members of Vectis and knowledgeable gardeners offered to assist Pauline Martin in its upkeep.













In Spring, we planted wall flowers.  I think we planted 150 in less than an hour!

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