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Young Chef 2012

In association with

Filippo Berio Olive Oil

Guidance for entrants
Rules, entry form and organisational guidelines for competitions leading to and including the regional and RIBI finals
Club competitions to be completed by14/02/2012

District competitions to be completed by 01/03/2012

Regional competitions to be completed by 31/03/2012

RIBI final
Saturday 21st April 2012

WI Cookery School,
Denman College,

Marcham, Abingdon,


OX13 6NW.

Rules for RIBI Young Chef 2012

  1. Objectives

This competition aims to encourage young people to:

  • Develop cookery skills. 
  • Develop food presentation skills. 
  • Consider healthy eating options and food hygiene issues.  
  • Prove their organisational and planning skills. 
  • Prove their ability to cope in a demanding situation. 


  1. 2.     Age of Entrants

Students must be aged 11 years to 17 years, on 31st August 2011 for the 2012 competition.

Having a date of birth between 01/09/1993 – 31/08/2000

  1. 3.     Competition brief

Entrants will be asked to prepare:

A 3-course healthy meal for 2 people (starter, main course and dessert) costing no more than £15.00, (or Euro equivalent). If club and district events comprise of a 2 course meal, a lower price of £10 (or Euro equivalent) for ingredients is recommended.

Entrants may wish to use recipes used in previous events. This is quite acceptable.

Use of nut based ingredients:  If a dish contains nuts of any type then this must be made clear in the submitted recipes. The judges and other contestants must be made aware of this before the commencement of preparation and cooking so that appropriate separation can be arranged. All utensils and surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid residue contamination.

  1. 4.     Timing

Setting up time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 2 hours.

Timing is vital and judges will deduct marks for meals not finished within the allocated time.

5.  Procedure 

Arrival and briefing

On arrival, a separate room will be allocated for entrants and supporters to bring equipment, ingredients etc. All entrants and supporters will gather together for a welcome and initial briefing.

Entrants will be briefed by the judges prior to commencement of the event

There will be a draw for cooking areas to be used.  A serving area, (which may not be a stand-alone table) will be allocated near to the cooking area.

Setting up

Supporters may only assist in bringing equipment etc. into the cooking area, during the setting up time period and after 10 minutes must leave the cooking area, to allow the entrants to complete their setting up

This is to include table set for two people, organising cooking area (sole use of one cooker only) and collecting together equipment, by the competitor.

There is to be no handling or preparation of ingredients in this time.  Any ready or pre-prepared food/ingredients should be declared to the judges e.g. marinated foods etc.

Entrants must bring their own serving dishes, cutlery, specialist or electrical equipment (which must have a ‘Portable Appliance Tested’ certificate) and linen, in addition to their own ingredients.

Standard cooking equipment will be available at the venue.

Entrants should display a copy of their menu at their serving area.

Entrants should bring their completed time plan sheet (see form below)

A copy of their recipes (ingredients and method) must be sent to the organiser along with their entry form in order that they can be reviewed by the judges before the competition.

Details of purchases, including receipts, (see form below) should also be handed in before the start.  If home grown produce is used in the meal it should be valued at retail cost. Small amounts of herbs, spices and seasonings need not be included in costings. Please note: you only cost the weight of ingredients used.

Cooking time

Each contestant has two hours which includes preparing, cooking and serving the meal at the correct temperature.  Entrants may have use of fridge and limited freezer facilities that are available at the venue.

At the decision of the judges, the dishes will normally be served at any time within the last 45 minutes of the competition. One serving of the dishes will be displayed on the set table and used for photographs.  The other serving of the dishes will be for the judges to taste. Washing up may be finished off after the cooking time.

At all times entrants must consider personal hygiene, correct handling of food, food hygiene and neat working conditions.

Note: A separate area will be available for supporters to use while the competition is in progress. There can be no entrance to the cooking area by anyone, other than officials, while the competition takes place. The judges will decide when the supporters can be invited into the cooking area to view the finished presentations.  

6.  Marking

The organising committee will appoint the judges who will consider the following mark allocation:

  • Healthy Choice of dishes                                                             5 points
  • Planning                                                                                        5 points
  • Costing                                                                                         5 points
  • Range of skills used                                                                   15 points
  • Neatness of working area and hygiene                                     10 points
  • Wise use of time allowed                                                             5 points
  • Meal served at correct temperature                                             5 points
  • Presentation of table (including flowers, cloth etc.)                    5 points
  • Taste and presentation of starter                                              15 points
  • Taste and presentation of main course                                     15 points
  • Taste and presentation of dessert                                             15 points

After the marking has taken place, the judges will comment on the overall standard of competition and announce the result.  The decision of the judges will be final.  They will not discuss marks and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into following the event.

7.  Awards

In the RIBI Final, all entrants will receive a special white cotton apron, which is to be worn for the duration of the competition and after the competition becomes the property of the entrant.

All entrants will receive a certificate.  The winner of the RIBI final will be presented with a trophy and prizes courtesy of Filippo Berio.

8.  Applications for the Competition

Entry to the competition is via a Rotary Club Competition.  This is followed by the District Final and TWO winners from the District Final will enter the Regional Final.  ONE winner from each Regional Final will enter the RIBI Final.  District Finals are to be completed by 1 March 2012.  Regional Finals are to be completed by 31 March 2012.  Entries to the RIBI Final must be submitted by 1 April 2012, to Rtn Jill Brand – see below for contact details.

All  enquiries should be addressed to Vectis Sunrise Rotary club Tel:01983 539530

Please bring a copy of this form completed to the Competition (copy or extend as required)


Entrant Name:                                                                                                                     





e.g. Weigh Ingredients, wash fruit & veg e.g. Wash hands, Apron on


Form – Time Plan


Please bring a completed copy of this form to the Competition (copy or extend as required)


NB Only cost the weight of ingredients used, not the weight purchased.


Entrant Name:                                                                                                                                  


Name Name Name
Description  Description Description
Ingredient & quantity Cost Ingredient & quantity Cost Ingredient & quantity Cost
Total (1) Total (2) Total (3)
                                                   OVERALL COST (i.e. Totals 1 + 2 + 3) :

Form – Menu and Ingredients

RIBI Young Chef Entry Form

Please read the Relevant Competition Rules and Guidelines before completing clearly.  By signing this form you have read, understood and agreed to the competition rules. This form must be returned to the address as indicated below.


Name of Entrant
Date of birth
School/ College/ Organisation name
Full contact home address 
Mobile number
Landline number
Email address
Allergies i.e. nuts
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of 
District Contact Rotarian’s details (email and telephone) 



The parent, guardian or carer of the above entrant has given permission for the named person to take part and be identified in the competition and for photographic/video records to be taken and used for Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) publicity purposes in printed, electronic and online formats.

Print name 



Date Signature
Print name 


(Parent/Guardian/Carer, please delete)

Date Signature


[For completion by club / district/ RIBI as relevant]

Completed Form must be returned to:15 Park View


Isle of Wight

PO33 4RJ



No later thanOctober 31st 2011
This form can be used at all stages of the competition.  Tick below to indicate the stage for this entry.
Club District Regional RIBI


Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland has adopted this statement of policy in working with children, the vulnerable and those with disability. The needs and rights of the child, the elderly, the vulnerable and those with disability take priority. It is the duty of every Rotarian to safeguard to the best of their ability, the welfare of and prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse and neglect of all children, the elderly, persons with disability or otherwise vulnerable persons with whom they come into contact during their Rotarian duties. 

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